Good thought about the two undocumented DIP switches. If you do have the powered adapter you should be able to have a hefty length of RS cable. Here’s the macro code I have so far:. Also, is this a reasonable practice By the time I select the markup to wrap the selected text, the text is no longer selected. HI Chris, yes please, if you could send me the form, fantastic.

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Looking for ACL guide for Arbortext. APP World User event Before I can hit the delete key, the text has become unselected. What are the rules on what a target can be?

Not a big deal. We never managed to get the DB25 port on the back of the Spectroscan to function.

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If you do have the powered adapter you should be able to have a hefty length of RS cable. Idodraw in the lower message bar section. I have even tried right-clicking and using the Select Element Content or Select Element options, but the same thing happens We are using PNG at the moment which supposedly supports transparency.

I’d like to check out Monaco Profiler as well to see if it might offer any advantages. I’m off to the studio to go play. If you are not using the GMB powered adapter, it behooves you to keep the cable lengths as short as possible, particularly the USB. We have a problem though that image formats don’t allow our watermark to be seen through them.

Browse the Latest Snapshot. I recall needing to screw around with the serial port setting switches on both the Spectroscan table and the adapter to get reliable communication.

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Wrap text in a rotated cell. Anyone tried got some tips? RS, something tells me I should take up drinking coffee. Spectral data were reported in finer intervals as with the new Swing. The next time we need to disassemble a table for maintenance, I’ll try to remember to experiment. Do you know where I can find those document?

Multiple hotspots, different ID’s. There will also be vertical solution demonstrations, the usual mix of technical developer sessions isodaw introductions to industry partner offerings for managers and technicians alike. The most comprehensive source for strange cable connections I know of is CablesToGo. The iSis has advantages over the i1 in terms of measurement performance.

In no small part this is because the iSis uses X-Y positioning to control location instead of expending the majority of its measurement cycles determining when it is safely over a patch rather than spanning two patches.

This also happens when I want to select text to delete.

HI Chris, yes please, if you could send me the form, fantastic. I need to add additional Party Tag donglw the content through a java program.

So I want to develop a macro that will change the object info name to match the manual edit. It’s the purple iProfile bundle so I guess I have one of the ‘fast’ ones! Doing manual edits on a 4 digit text number.

Not able to get window handler and could not able go further for addition of AP tag. Thanks for the driver info. I would like to change the tiptext and statustext of a button in a toolbar at runtime. We tried straight through cables from both DB9 and DB25 serial ports as well as null modem isodrwa.